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About Tokyo Naturalist

Tokyo Naturalist is run by a group of citizen scientists, science educators, horticultural professionals, university students, and amateur naturalists identifying, documenting, and writing about the diverse plant, animal, and insect life found in one of the world’s largest metropolitan areas. We aim to provide you not only with biological and ecological information about the species we document, but also with information about the way those species have shaped history, culture and humanity (and been shaped in return). 

This site will help you identify and learn about several of the plant and animal species you see around you in your neighborhood, your park, or on your trip to the supermarket. While it might seem small, learning something of the names and lives of the trees, ants, beetles, and birds that share a part of our daily lives can greatly impact our quality of life and sense of place. The importance of this task holds true in all places, but is particularly relevant in cities like Tokyo, where nature and our connection to it is not always at the forefront of our lives. 

So please explore and begin (or resume!) your own naturalist journey, so that the trees you see in the park or the birds you hear on your walk to the train station are no longer anonymous, but feel familiar, important, and a part of your life here. 

Please check back regularly for updates to our insect and arachnid pages and tree and shrub pages that show all of the organisms we have documented in Tokyo so far (we are always adding more)! Or check out our species posts for more in-depth information that includes identification photos and articles outlining the ecological and historical importance of each species. 

"Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction."


 -E.O. Wilson

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